2015 Toyota Corolla S Offers a Sleek, Sporty Interior

April 20th, 2015 by

You might not be a racecar driver, and your new Toyota
Corolla will likely never see the track, but that doesn’t mean your car can’t
be a little sporty, does it? At Performance Toyota, your Toyota dealership serving Cincinnati, we think everyone can use a reliable
car that offers sleek, sporty features inside. If you’d prefer a
used Toyota you could probably find what you’re looking for, but we love Toyota’s
2015 cars and we’re happy to recommend the 2015
Toyota Corolla S

There’s no doubt a lot to love about the 2015 Toyota Corolla
S, but let’s talk about the sport features first. When you take a seat inside this
new Toyota, you’ll notice that the driver’s seat is a little different then you’re
used to. This supportive seat is in a different position than most because it’s
designed to mimic seats found in high-performance cars. Driving takes on a
whole new meaning in this sporty new Toyota Corolla S, which features Sport
Mode and paddle shifters. We know you’ll love Sport Mode, because the Engine
Control United and simulated shift points make for a sportier ride.

While the sporty features of the 2015 Toyota Corolla S make
for an upgraded experience, the smaller details matter, too. Outside heated
power mirrors are one such detail – though it may not seem like much at first,
you’ll certainly be thankful for them come winter in the Cincinnati area. And
inside, an integrated backup camera comes standard so you’ll always know what’s
behind you.

Whether you need a new or pre-owned
, we have a car to fit your needs here at Performance Toyota. If you
think that car is the 2015 Toyota Corolla S, we invite you to come see it in
person and take it for a test drive at our Toyota
dealership serving Cincinnati

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